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For convenience I will be posting all future art at mashimero.

I will leave this comm up for archiving/linking purposes though.

20 - Stargate Atlantis/Star Trek crossover
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This was going to be a cover for Congrats, You've Met Your Match (The Space Captain Remix) by roga but it ended up not quite fitting the fic. So it's random John Sheppard in Starfleet Academy uniform. I still highly recommend the fic though, and sabinelagrande's Takes One to Know One.



It's my new wallpaper now. I change my mind so often *g*

Leave a comment if you want me to make other sizes.

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19 - A Bet, fishnet stockings, and Rodney McKay art masterpost
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Title: A bet, fishnet stockings, and Rodney Mckay
Rating: FRM for language, boy kissing, girl kissing, groping, and because of Chad Michael Murray.
Pairing: Jensen/Jared. Mentions of past Jared/Sandy, Jensen/Danneel, 
J2 Slash and mentions of femslash, het, douche baggery.
Summary: If anything, Jensen blamed Entertainment Weekly for his current situation.
Warnings: rcoss dressing. Chad Michael Murray bashing. Is that even a warning?


Warning: The art portrays cross-dressing (non-kinky) and a really bad wig.

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18 - Walk By Faith and Not By Sight (or Sound) Art Masterpost
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Fic Title: Walk by Faith, not by Sight (or Sound)
Author: matty_parkman
Rating: NC-17
Word Count: ~ 21000
Summary: This is so not your usual, safe love story: there's so much more to both of them than meets the eye (or the ear).
Jared, a brilliant photography major practicing on a tv channel, lives to capture expressions with his camera.
Jensen, a stunning bartender with a promising musical carreer blooming on the side, lives to carve emotions in people's hearts with his voice.
Two worlds apart, brought together by an incredibly ironic fate; after they've met nothing will ever be the same again, even though, maybe, they're more similar than they'd ever thought.
Also featuring Sophia Bush, Tom Welling and Chad Michael Murray.


Warning: Art is kinda spoilery for the fic, so go read it first!

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17 - Fic illustration
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An illustration for mhalachaiswords's fic Rosemary, for Remembrance. Just when you think genderfuck's been done all the ways it can be, someone goes and writes something like this. It's an amazingly creative fic and you should definitely go read it if you haven't.

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16 - The Pegasus Theory
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Entry 2 of 2 for team_sga's AU Fest.

44. From tipsywitch: The Big Bang Theory - Pegasus style.

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15 - Broomsticks, Quidditch, anything that goes over 200mph
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Entry 1 of 2 for team_sga's AU Fest.

Prompt 81. From tielan: the team as Potterverse wizards and witches - can be at school or meeting as adults, fighting dark wizards/witches, or simply having fun.


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14 - Random Stargate Atlantis stuff
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+ 1 texture set
+ 1 wallpaper
+ 14 icons

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13 - game icons and headers
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Various video game icons that have been collecting dust for a while, including entries for ff12_awards, dynast_lims, and dmc_icontest.

+ 8 Devil May Cry
+ 6 Digital Devil Saga
+ 6 Final Fantasy XII
+ FFTactics, ICO, MGS, Phoenix Wright, Suikoden, Vagrant Story

+ 1 VS lovebar
+ 1 FF12 header
+ 1 Okami header

35 total


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12 - girl!John
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I can't believe I'm doing genderswap manips now.

I tried not to make him overly feminine, but now I think he looks kind of like a really girly man instead of an actual woman :(

The boobs are kind of bugging me too.

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ETA: Updated with a slightly-less crooked, slightly more feminine version, based on concrit.


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