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13 - game icons and headers
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mashimero wrote in mish_mashi
Various video game icons that have been collecting dust for a while, including entries for ff12_awards, dynast_lims, and dmc_icontest.

+ 8 Devil May Cry
+ 6 Digital Devil Saga
+ 6 Final Fantasy XII
+ FFTactics, ICO, MGS, Phoenix Wright, Suikoden, Vagrant Story

+ 1 VS lovebar
+ 1 FF12 header
+ 1 Okami header

35 total



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Please comment and credit mashimero or mish_mashi

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oh! beautiful style
taking Ico and Yorda icon ♥

Thanks for commenting :)

Lol Fran looks like she is ready to take a giant dong in her ass. I am friending you for that.

I didn't see that before. I can't unsee it now though lol

A Vagrant Story lovebar! <3
Took that and the 3 Phoenix Wright ones.

VS is ♥

Thanks for commenting!

Ooh, I love that Fran + Balthier banner, it's gorgeous.
May I ask where you found the image? it's stunning

Aww thank you! You can find it here. Which reminds me I should porbably update my resources page.

Thanks for the Vagrant Story icons! You have a great style! :D

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