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15 - Broomsticks, Quidditch, anything that goes over 200mph
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mashimero wrote in mish_mashi
Entry 1 of 2 for team_sga's AU Fest.

Prompt 81. From tielan: the team as Potterverse wizards and witches - can be at school or meeting as adults, fighting dark wizards/witches, or simply having fun.


Yeah I made Teyla a Slytherin. I have a thing for colour symmetry, ok? Besides, I think she would be good at convincing people to get what she wants. But she's Teyla, so she'd only use her powers for good. John would probably be laughed at for his crappy broom, except that he still kicks ass on it. He's just that awesome.

I'm lazy bad at shading so I left this flat-coloured. I think that's going to be my "thing" now, unfortunately. The background was a picture taken from MuggleNet and run through a filter. I'm bad at backgrounds too. Ah well, something to work on.

Here is a link to a bigger version without the background.


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I so want to write fanfic to this!

Love their expressions and their poses and expressions - it's perfectly them and I adore it! Thank you so much for taking my prompt and doing wonderful things with it.

(And I love Teyla as a Slytherin, personally. Not because she's evil or bad or self-serving, just because I can see her cunning and practical and so very, "Well, if you insist on getting into trouble, I suppose there should be someone to make sure that you aren't caught." At which point John would declare that Teyla's "the best" and Rodney would pale and complain about how he will never, ever forgive John if they get expelled, while Ronon steals the Arithmancy homework Rodney was working on and skims the answers to check if he's got it right. Which he does, of course.)

Yay! Glad you like it!

{That sounds awesome! Teyla love! Can I bribe you with more art to write this? X3)

I can always be bribed... :D

I'll see what I can write while bored at work today. ;)

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