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16 - The Pegasus Theory
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mashimero wrote in mish_mashi
Entry 2 of 2 for team_sga's AU Fest.

44. From tipsywitch: The Big Bang Theory - Pegasus style.

Rodney = Sheldon, obviously
Teyla = Leonard
John = Howard
Ronon = Rajesh

I don't even know what kind of art this is. Photomanip? Paint-over? Digital drawing? Tracing? It involved a lot of cut-and-paste from various stock photos, tracing, painting, and stock photo background.

But I did shading this time! \o/

Even if it is only a tiny bit. There are a couple of things I might want to fix up later, especially the background bits.

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It's a bit weird seeing Teyla with short hair, and I'm not sure if she's supposed to be a guy or girl, but...love the little geek-hints on each of them.

lol Teyla's a she, and she actually has her hair up but I can see how it looks that way.

Thanks for commenting!

This is great! They could be such geeks together!

Thank you! And lol @ your icon.

I love this style, whatever you decide to call it. I'm really getting a kick out of all the background details, like the Back to the Future poster and the whiteboard. Oh, and the diagram of Atlantis! And the tiny puddlejumper! *g*

Thanks! I wanted to add more stuff in the background, like in the promo shots for TBBT but it ended up getting too crowded and messy. There were plans for model planes, and a telescope, and action figures *g*

I have no idea what the source material is and I don't have time to google it. (I will later, though!)

But I totally love all their geeky glory!

And I agree; whatever style this is, it's a good one!

Also: Eh on the lateness. This is supposed to be fun, so briar_pipe and I aren't stressing overmuch over "late" and whatnot.

I say, it's within twelve hours, it's not late!

Yay glad you like it!

Big Bang Theory is pretty awesome. It's the first new sitcom I've watched in years.


This is my favorite show right now, and why didn't I see this prompt before?! Ok, Sheppard as Howard is beyond hilarious. Good job with this. :)

Thank you! Haha wouldn't he be an awesome Howard? Nggh I have plotbunnies now. I might have to start writing drabbles for this 'verse.

If you want more "Big Bang"-essque AUness involving both the casts of SG-1 and Atlantis, I highly reccomend going over to the community of jack_built. It's crazy, and the AU tends to eat your brain.

Oooh thanks! I'll have to go check that out.

No problem. Always happy to spread the madness. ^^

Omg! This is awesome + hilarious. I love John's body language -- I can tell that he's Howard right away. :) The little details are really cool too, with all the posters and the Atlantis U jacket and the (alive!) plant. <3 <3 <3

Thank you! I actually did trace Howard's body for John lol

Your icon is just too adorable X3

Ahaha! Hilarious, and great details. :-)

I haven't seen The Big Bang Theory, but this is completely adorable! I love Rodney's Batman shirt and Ronon's expression.

Thank you! I'm glad you liked it, even without knowing the source :)



Hee I'm glad it made you laugh :)

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