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mish - mashi

graphics by mashimero

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18 - Walk By Faith and Not By Sight (or Sound) Art Masterpost
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mashimero wrote in mish_mashi
Fic Title: Walk by Faith, not by Sight (or Sound)
Author: matty_parkman
Rating: NC-17
Word Count: ~ 21000
Summary: This is so not your usual, safe love story: there's so much more to both of them than meets the eye (or the ear).
Jared, a brilliant photography major practicing on a tv channel, lives to capture expressions with his camera.
Jensen, a stunning bartender with a promising musical carreer blooming on the side, lives to carve emotions in people's hearts with his voice.
Two worlds apart, brought together by an incredibly ironic fate; after they've met nothing will ever be the same again, even though, maybe, they're more similar than they'd ever thought.
Also featuring Sophia Bush, Tom Welling and Chad Michael Murray.


Warning: Art is kinda spoilery for the fic, so go read it first!


Jared's files

Jared walks in on Tom and Jensen

OST A cover OST A tracklist
zip at megaupload | textless cover

OST B cover OST B tracklist
zip at megaupload | textless cover

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I hope I don't sound to braggy but I really kind of love the fic cover *g*

For Jared's medical files, I know it's unreadable but I actually used the article that trinipedia mentions in her fic!

Thanks go to trinipedia. You were wonderfully supportive through all my procrastination and back-and-forthing. It was a blast working with you :D

Credit for the photo of Jensen I used for the chapter separator goes to butterfly. Link to original.

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I hope I don't sound to braggy but I really kind of love the fic cover *g*

Not at all, hun. I kinda like it too. :D

And I love both of your soundtrack cover. Sometimes simply is just the best.

I really liked the cover poster, pretty stylish and I love the colors :)
Nice work here! \o/

Your second Dl link was deleted for copyright reasons i think, can you redo it?

Ah I think I linked it wrong. Sorry about that. It's fixed now!

Second link is down...it may just be a copy and paste issue...

Yeah I linked it wrong *facepalm* It's fixed now!

Oh wow! great job! These are wonderful!

I love the fic cover, too! :D

Cool pics. I really like the A-Side and B-side ones.

Thanks! Glad you like it :)

Wow! All the images look wonderful! I love how Jared is kind of blindfolded by the red stripe in the fic cover. And it goes without saying that the CD covers also look very hot. :)

Yeah I thought that the cover fit the fic really nicely :)

Thank you!

Oooh, Skillet! *bounces* This is so brilliant!

Glad you like it! What does Skillet mean?

The band, one of their songs is in the soundtrack. :)

*facepalm* the soundtracks were all trinipedia's doing, so I'm not familiar with the artists.

I really love the cover, great idea and very well done!

i really love them all but your cover is awesome! I LOVE the color it just pops and draws the eye.Very cool art. :D

(Deleted comment)
Thank you, I'm glad you think so!

I really love the fic cover too! It's so perfect for this fic and I love how the colors really pop.

Thanks for your time on this project!

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