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mish - mashi

graphics by mashimero

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19 - A Bet, fishnet stockings, and Rodney McKay art masterpost
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mashimero wrote in mish_mashi
Title: A bet, fishnet stockings, and Rodney Mckay
Rating: FRM for language, boy kissing, girl kissing, groping, and because of Chad Michael Murray.
Pairing: Jensen/Jared. Mentions of past Jared/Sandy, Jensen/Danneel, 
J2 Slash and mentions of femslash, het, douche baggery.
Summary: If anything, Jensen blamed Entertainment Weekly for his current situation.
Warnings: rcoss dressing. Chad Michael Murray bashing. Is that even a warning?


Warning: The art portrays cross-dressing (non-kinky) and a really bad wig.



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I think this beat out my first big bang in number of false starts. A big thanks go to freetodream5 who had to put up with my procrastination. She wrote a really wonderful fic and I'm so happy that I got the chance to do art for it. It's just so much fun and I tried to keep the art from being too serious.

The movie isn't actually in the fic, but we thought it'd be a nice addition. In my mind, Chad gets bullied into doing it by the girls. His character in the movie would be the douchey guy that ends up falling for "Adina" but is all ashamed because she's not smoking hot, but he has a change of heart in a really cheesy scene at the end :)

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(Deleted comment)
OMG LOL! Awesome job!!

I was sitting down to read a copy of this I'd made years ago, and would love to see the art that goes with it. Any chance of a repost? : )

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